Professional Athletes As Role Models

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An American debatable topic is whether or not athletes can or will ever be legitimate role models for the next generation. Athletes have been and still can be a powerful and effective role model for students as well as people of all ages. “Athletes know kids look up to them, and it’s important for athletes to be responsible (Athletes).” Professional athletes are watched every day on and off the field/court, and it’s important for the athletes to act as role models for kids and teens. Professional athletes have the ability to be role models by donating and helping charities, by setting a good Christian example, and by encouraging kids to be active. It is known that some professional athletes donate money to charities just for show, but some really do donate and help charities because they truly care. For example, New York Giants football quarterback, Eli Manning, loves kids and wants to help sick and injured children. In order to help the sick or injured children, he built a children’s hospital at the University of Mississippi Medical Center called The Blair E. Batson Hospital for Children (Blair). The care at the hospital ranges from treating healthy newborns to cancer patients (Blair). The hospital treats more than 150,000 children from all eighty-two of the state’s counties per year (Blair). Another professional athlete who not only cares about children and youth, but actually puts his compassion into action is pro basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron

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