Student Athletes Should Be A Leader

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Each year, thousands of high school student athletes graduate without ever having left their mark on the community. They breeze through these four years of life as if they’re nothing whether they are playing or sitting on the bench. They receive average grades and never find ways to give back to the community that has allowed them to be in the position that they are today. I have always looked at things from a different perspective. I believe student athletes should be a leader to their peers and in their community. For starters, I believe that student athletes should be a leader to their peers and in their community through attitude and hustle. This seems like it would be normal for someone that is seen as the face of their school, but often times these two things can come low on some athletes list of priorities. In school, instead of being the typical “jock” personality, student athletes should be the ones that portray a positive and caring attitude towards their peers. On the field/court, student athletes should always give their all. Many like to give up if they aren’t playing well, or if they aren’t playing at all, but this only brings the overall morale of the team down tremendously. Whether it is making plays or supporting teammates, everyone on a team has a role no matter if they are on the field or on the bench. Every single player has a part in success and one negative attitude can be the one to overtake an entire team. Comparatively, I believe that student

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