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Athletes are paid too much Do athletes make too much money? Most people today think so because the amount of money they make for entertaining the public. Kobe Bryant makes more than a yearly teacher salary by making a single basket. Doctors and surgeons make life saving decisions every day and make significantly less than a rookie in a professional sport. An average professional athlete makes two million six hundred thousand dollars more than the president of the United States who makes critical decisions for our country. We have millions of people in poverty, while these athletes are making so much money, majority of the time they don’t know what to do with it. While these professional athletes bring so much entertainment into the world, …show more content…

Police officers don’t get paid enough for the situations they have to deal with that can possible cost their life. Firefighters also deserve more money for what they do. Firefighters go fight fires that can turn on them at any moment that could cause them to give up their lives. Along with police officers, firefighter deserve better pay for what they do for our community. Lastly, paramedics deserve a pay raise more than professional athletes do. Paramedics get paid the least out of all of these other occupations and they have a difficult job. Their main objective is to get people to the hospital as fast as possible and alive. Professional athletes should give up some of their money to help pay for these occupations that deserve them (Bhagat, M., 2017).
Also, teachers deserve better pay because the play a more important role in society than athletes. Teachers get us prepared for life through the information they teach us. None of these professional athletes would be where they are today without the dedication teachers put into our lives. With the amount of pay offered for a teacher, young adults that dreamed of becoming teachers will get turned down because the pay isn’t enough for the time they invest. They spend long hard-working nights preparing the lesson plans for the next day to help us as students gain more knowledge and also point us in the right direction for our futures. With that being said, my conspiracy is that we

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