Professional Boundaries And Legal Boundaries

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Awatar Parajuli Nov 24, 14 PHIL 4401 Instructor: Dr. Chris Nagel Thesis Statement Professionals have to maintain a professional boundary while serving their clients, yet violations continue to occur; but to maintain professional boundaries, it is the responsibility of both parties to understand the boundary limitations. Introduction: There are responsibilities and expectations regarding trust and ethical behavior in professional client relationships. Professionals and client develop a relationship base on trust, compassion, and mutual respect. Boundaries means effective and appropriate interaction between professionals and clients they serve. Boundaries exist to protect both the professional and the client. The ability to create, and maintain boundaries are often critical, but professionals make the judgment in their own freedom; however, both professionals and client should understand and respect the limit of the relationships. A professional should be competent to set appropriate boundaries without harming professional-client relationship, and they should be able to recognize boundary issues in the early stage. There is always a fine line that determines the limitation of professional and client relationship, which could be applied in other similar relationships such as professors-student relationship. Dan Morgan illustrated with some of the examples of ethical issues raised by the student’s personal writing. Though, there is a set guidelines about what to write and
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