Professional Knowledgebase. “A Theory Is An Organized Set

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Professional knowledgebase “A theory is an organized set of ideas that seek to explain a particular phenomenon. Theories are typically formulated when there is no empirical evidence” (p.8, book). Professionals must be able to understand the theories and research how to evaluate which theory to use in practice. “EBT is a process for handling the uncertainty surrounding decisions that must be made in real life, in real time. It is a way of dealing honestly with uncertainty” (Gambrill, 2007, pg. 460). EBT (Evidence Based Practice) is designed to allow for professionals to use effective judgement when evaluating which theories to draw from and researching appropriate interventions. “EBT involves the conscientious, explicit, and judicious use …show more content…

Examples include: solution-focused brief therapy, and motivational interviewing (Langer & Lietz, 2015). Application of theories to micro practice My internship involved working directly with families with open cases within the department of children’s services. I had two roles within this agency. One role was as a Family Time Coach working on the parent and child’s bond and attachment through play and supervised visits. Within visits I employed strengths based perspective to work with the parents. Strength based practice has a broad focus on client’s self-determination, resiliency, and empowering the client to find strength within themselves and their community to accomplish goals (Lietz, 2011). The clinical portion of my internship included working with children and families through a strengths/needs- based support for children, youth and families based on the research by Marty Beyer, Ph.D. (N. Andersen, 2016). By helping the parents identify strengths in their parenting and interactions with their children we were able to build rapport and build self-esteem in the parents and the children. As the family time coach I modeled appropriate behaviors, encouraged the parents when they interacted appropriately and used furthering thought provoking questions like “I am wondering why Tim keeps looking up at you as he looks through

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