Professional Meteorology: Personal Statement

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Growing up, the weather was always a vital part of my family’s every day life. My dad was a fish boat captain and to him the conditions outside shaped the outlook of his week. I used to sit with him on Sunday’s before he left for work and watch the radar. He taught me old fishermen’s tales like sundogs bring rain, and “red skies at night sailors delight”. These memories with my dad instilled a love and respect for weather, and led to me wanting to pursue a career in professional meteorology. I am currently receiving my Bachelor’s of Science in Geographic Science, with a dual-concentration in Environmental, Conservation, Sustainability and Development (ECSD) and Applied Geographic Information Systems (AGIS). While James Madison University did…show more content…
These courses include GEOG 210: Physical Geography with Dr. Mace Bentley, GEOG 365: Advanced Cartography with Professor Lin, GEOG 385: Advanced Remote Sensing with Dr. Zachary Bortolot, GEOG 230: Spatial Thinking and Problem Solving with Dr. Helmut Kraenzle, GEOG 366: Introduction to Geographic Information Science with Dr. Helmut Kraenzle, GEOG 329: Global Climate Change with Dr. Mace Bentley, GEOG 340: Biodiversity with Dr. Amy Goodall, GEOG 440: Global Biodiversity with Dr. Amy Goodall and GEOG 469: Topics in GIS with Professor Garst. In addition to these courses, I am also a part of an independent study under Dr. Mace Bentley. For this independent study, we chose to look at the correlation between future sea level rise and storm inundation from a category 3, category 4, and category 5 hurricane in Tampa Bay. We are using SLOSH models, as well as ArcMap to show the effects of sea level rise and storm surge in a high-risk area, such as Tampa…show more content…
The first semester of my freshman year I took MATH 231, which is the first portion of Calculus I. I earned a D- in the course. I waited until my junior year to take Calculus I again, and took it at Blue Ridge Community College, where I received a B-. However, I plan to retake MATH 231 in the spring of 2017 in order to clear my transcript of the D-. I am also taking the GRE on November 15, 2016 and hope to have those test scores sent in as soon as
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