Profiling is a Necessary Means for Discovering and Apprehending Criminals

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Many studies have been made in the field of criminology, concluding that profiling is a necessary means for discovering and apprehending criminals. There are many different types of profiling and many people think of profiling differently; however, all types of profiling does work and is proven to help stop crime. This paper will explore the following: profiling and different forms of it, the closely related stop and frisk policy, different cities that have proven statistics that profiling does work, how airports are now profiling, and different serial killers that have been apprehended due to work from profilers.
9/11 led to a re-evaluation of racial profiling as a means of combating crime, and terrorism. Indeed, many people who have
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They take what they know about an unknown suspect and his actions and try to generate additional information (Grabianowski).
What exactly is profiling is what many people wonder and they don’t always get the right definition. What they usually think first is that it is racial profiling and it is bad, we should not do it, but that’s only one type of profiling and it is not necessarily bad in all cases. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as, “the act of or process of learning information about someone based on what you already know.” Under the narrow definition, racial profiling occurs when a police officer stops, questions, arrests, and/or searches someone solely on the basis of the person’s race or ethnicity. Critics typically use this definition when condemning racial profiling, as do law enforcement agencies when denying the existence of racial profiling (Cleary). Most people think that the profiling is a bad thing because of controversial topics like NYC’s stop and frisk policy and from what the liberal news puts out. But in most cases profiling is good for communities and helps to catch criminals before they can do harm. The main difference between what people think and what profiling is comes down to two words disparity and discrimination.
Disparity and discrimination are closely related but there is one major difference between them that sets them far apart. Disparity is

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