Program Outline of 'Someone to Watch Over Me'

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"Someone to Watch Over Me" Program Part I Building the Infrastructure Social Capital as a Foundation Social capital refers to the patterns of relationships that people have that are characterized by reciprocity and trust which result in access to resources like jobs, social services, or contracts. Social capital is both structural and procedural. Relationships, as they are studied by community organizers, have a network structure. But this is does not address the quality of the relationships, which is actually more evident in the procedures or actions that result from capitalizing on the relationships. Social capital connections have three elements: (1) Networks, (2) trust that is specific to the networks, and (3) access to resources that are enabled by the network. When an organization or a friend helps someone access resources needed to meet their goals, positive social capital is represented. Creating a Road Map for Change A theory of change is road map that illustrates the markers on the way to progress and the routes to take in the journey to making change. This road map provides a picture of the destinations along the journey and with guides about what to look for to be sure that you are taking the right path. The map includes comments about assumptions, the context in which change is expected to take place, the belief system that drives change in particular ways and on certain paths, This theory of change is sometimes called a blueprint or a logic model.
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