Programmers Perform Miracles

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“Programmer- an organism that turns coffee into software.” This quote by an unknown author adequately sums up the life of professional programmers according to many literary sources. But, they can’t do it alone, programmers use tools to aid the development and debugging of their works. This is where Integrated development environments(IDEs) and software development kits(SDKs) come in, they help the programmer to write consistent code that can be debugged easily. But the recent trend is away from traditional development environments and towards environments that can easily transfer work from one platform to another. Newer software for programmers is helping them get the job done. First, of the nontraditional IDEs is Adobe PhoneGap. Modified from the open source Apache Cordova, PhoneGap uses the HyperText Markup Language(HTML) code written by the programmer to produce an app for multiple platforms including Android and Apple’s iOS. PhoneGap actually produces the application for six different platforms, a feature that minimizes the amount of work programmers have to do to distribute their work to many systems. Although it breaks down the barriers of inter OS separation, PhoneGap makes it more difficult to digitally sign a program. Adding a digital signature adds validity and in some countries, legal weight to the program. A digital signature is generally a three algorithms system that involves a key generator, a signing algorithm, and a signature verification algorithm.

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