Taking a Look at Miracles

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What are miracles? Who would be able to do these miracles? “A miracle is an

event which the force of nature- including the natural powers of man-cannot of

themselves produce, and which must therefore, referred to a supernatural agency”

(Fisher1900,9). The existence of the miracles in hand of human still a debatable idea

everywhere. Regarding to some religious perspective, perfuming miracles is an

ability that given by God to holy persons such as prophets and so on. It has

also, different perspectives for religious people for whom who have the ability to

perform miracles. In my study about miracles in the Bible, I found that, miracles

takes place in many chapters, mainly in the four gospels. It has been recorded in

seven different categories. In this paper, I will focus on two of the prophetic miracles

that has performed by Jesus. In this paper I will show that Luke uses of prophetic

miracles of Jesus was to prove that he has special power make him the son of God

as well as the idea of incarnation.

Jesus performed numerous miracles occurrences throughout his earthly

ministry. While these super natural efforts extend it’s benefits to the ones who need

it and, therefore showed Jesus' sympathy on humankind, their primary reasons was

to affirm his claim to being the Chosen Son of God. These super natural powers

represented with Jesus in several forms. He showed his ability over health problems

by healing all kinds of

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