Progression Of Women 's Rights

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Progression of Women’s Rights The Gilded Age caused the solution of many problems to not happen. During this time, in the late 19th century, there was extreme corruption that was not being fixed. Soon, in 1890, the rise of progressivism took place, trying to fix the problems that were made. Many different progressive era reformers focused on many different issues and tried to mend the corruption relating to that specific topic. Women’s rights was a huge problem during this time, and two specific reformers tried to solve the problem. Progressive era reformers, Alice Paul and Margaret Sanger tackled the problem of women’s rights in similar ways.
The Gilded Age caused many different problems, such as: corrupt business practices, workers rights, poverty, consumer protection, environmental protection, political corruption, ethnic issues, child labor, and finally, women’s rights. The Gilded Age was known for being a time of corruption in varying themes. The Gilded Age meant that everything looked fine on the outside but it was actually horribly corrupt if you scratch the “gilded” surface. Captains of industry controlled many large industries. Their tactics were not always fair, but there were few laws regulating business conduct at that time, causing corrupt business practices, political corruption, and workers rights issues. There was immense industrial and economic growth in America but the wealth did not help everyone. Although the wealth, there was still growing poverty in

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