Prohibition Of The National Minimum Drinking Age Act

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Prohibition was a time in American history where any type of alcohol consumption, production, and distribution was banned. The thirteen year, dry period finally came to an end because of the temptation and social urges alcohol pursues. Throughout these thirteen years, people corruptly consumed, produced, and distributed alcohol as if the regulations instituted by the government were suggestions. After the Prohibition laws were lifted in 1993, the drinking age was set at twenty one but was later lowered to eighteen because of the passage of the 26th amendment which lowered the voting age to eighteen. In order to combat drunk driving, The National Minimum Drinking Age Act was passed and stated that states must raise their drinking age to…show more content…
John McCardell’s view on the topic questions "Why don 't we trust these young adults to make the same kind of responsible decisions about alcohol that we believe them capable of making in the voting booth, in the jury box, on the battlefield?" Young kids would stop drinking underage because there would no longer be the rush of rebellion they felt before. To fix the problems with drunken driving that America has experienced before, applications such as “Uber” and “Lyft” have been developed to taxi around people for cheap prices and avoid them getting behind the wheel under the influence. These easily accessible applications have lowered the drinking and driving by about 6% in most cities. Lowering the drinking age would lower the rate of underage drinking. Like during Prohibition, 80% of college students under the age of 21 use the drinking age law as more of a suggestion than a regulation. Because of the high drinking age, fake identification has become popular in the young demographic and has allowed underage kids to drink 11% of the total alcohol consumed in the United States. The high drinking age is encouraging young adults to drink in extreme quantities. By binge drinking, playing drinking games, and “pre-gaming” (drinking large amounts of alcohol before going in public to avoid drinking in public and being stopped by law
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