Project Implementation Of Mobile Computing Environment For High Performance

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Capstone Project Plan Name: Parth Panchal Student ID: 11569876 Title: Emerging Technology and Innovation Topic Task Scheduling Methods in Cluster Computing Environment for High Performance Weekly Progress Reports Plan (In class, Discussion Board or Project Blog entries) Week 1-3 Rationale Parallel computing perform concurrently execution tasks on distributed nodes. Large application split up into tasks and run on number on nodes for high performance computing. Cluster environment composed with heterogeneous devices and software components capable of cost effective and high performance computing on parallel application. In heterogeneous cluster environment proper scheduling of tasks and allocation to nodes is important for high…show more content…
Many task scheduling algorithms work have done already in this field and some work requires for more cost effective use heterogeneous cluster computer and increase performance use with new techniques. Problem Formulation: As mention in above section heterogeneous nodes have varied execution power. Heterogeneous nodes have required dynamic nature of work. High utilization of resources is achieved by scheduling techniques. Proper utilization of nodes improved computing performance. Controlling the flow of scheduling and allocation tasks to node with minimize communication implies problem. To formulate the problem we use equation as shown in equation 1 for utilization of resources on heterogeneous nodes. Data collection or systems design methods A. Static Task Scheduling Static task scheduling performed during compile time. Task partitioning and allocation of tasks to nodes by predestinations of task execution time node computation power, task dependency and communication between nodes. It required high memory storage for compile time estimation. It does not perform runtime reallocation and leads node waiting time. Static task scheduling in heterogeneous cluster reduce communication between nodes but leads to node waiting time. In equation 2 as shown system utilization $U$ achieves maximize when current execution tasks $t$ maximum and node
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