Project Start Date Will Commence

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Initiation Phase
Project start date will commence July 11, 2016 and conclude on March 24, 2017. The initiation phase of this project will consist of reviewing historical data of both HRBT and JRB. The data will include material was acclimated to build the bridge and tunnel along with a data analyst of life cycle deterioration. The feasible and prudent information from the historical research will assist engineers in exploring the undertaking of preservation opportunities of the bridge and tunnel which could protract the life cycle, and preserve capital for future expenditures while ensuring both the bridge and the tunnel safety for the motorist.
The project duration will be 257 calendar days with 249 days genuine project work excluding
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The study will address a number of alternative routes for motorist traveling to and from naval bases, the Peninsula and Isle of Wight County. Every effort will be made to minimize impact to motorists during the project for commuter convenience during the week with restricted lane closures during off-peak hours. The survey team will evaluate holiday travelers that utilize the tunnel and bridge; which holiday motorist travel the most and what are the peak hours. Logistics resources will propose materials required, turnaround time for material deliverables and cost.
Planning Phase
The planning phase for the HRBT will consist of the following: paving operations, removing and replacing de-bonded tunnel wall tiles, and repair cracks in concrete surfaces; re-line the existing water line and provide new equipment for the existing tunnel fire hydrant system; repair leaking expansion joints in the tunnel, and upgrade Tunnel Life Safety Systems such as a Fire Suppression system, Tunnel Lighting, Communications, Floodgate drainage, and Emergency Egress.
The steel grids on the James River Bridge were replaced back in 2012. Over the years, many of the original studs on the draw span have fallen off or worn down to the point that they need to be replace again. The steel grids are in major need of improvement for safety and environment reasons. Mark Marshall an Isle of Wight County Sheriff sent a letter to the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)
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