Promoting Vaccines

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Promoting Vaccines at Yearly Physicals Vaccines have been highly effective in eliminating or significantly decreasing many diseases. However, there are still some people who either choose not to or just forget to vaccinate themselves and/or children. With promoting vaccines at yearly physicals and having a better and convenient system to remember the complex immunization schedules we can prevent even more vaccine preventable diseases.
Reminder System Patient reminder systems can be very beneficial to a family’s hectic lifestyle. Many parents have so many things to worry about and the last thing they are thinking about is their child’s complex immunization schedule. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), by 2 years of age, …show more content…

To make it even more convenient for those parents, offering off clinic hours to come in and get their child vaccinated can help them immensely because they won’t have to worry about when to try and leave work or pull their child out of school. Providing hours on nights and weekends where a nurse is available at the clinic to administer the vaccine or even a pharmacist at a community pharmacy such as, Walgreens, saves the parent a lot of hassle. During a study at a Walgreens Pharmacy chain it was found that they administered 6,250,402 vaccinations, 30.5% were provided during off clinic hours, 17.4% were provided on weekends, 10.2% on evenings, and 2.9% on holidays (Goad, Taitel, Fensterheim, & Cannon, 2013). By increasing the number of time slots and places available to patients to get their vaccinations it will increase the vaccination rate because there is more flexibility and it adjusts to their lifestyle while still staying compliant with the complex vaccination schedule. All clinics that provide physicals and vaccinations should assess and develop approaches to what best fits their population of patients to increase immunization rates. Through promoting vaccines at yearly physicals, having a reminder system, and creating convenient times and locations to receive a vaccination, we can increase the vaccination rate and lower the rate of even more vaccine preventable

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