Propaganda In The 1950s, Guatemala

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According to Qualter, “propaganda is thus defined as the deliberate attempt by some individual or group to form, control, or alter the attitudes of other groups by the use of the instruments of communication, with the intention that in any given situation the reaction of those so influenced will be that desired by the propagandist.” The existence of a clear purpose of propaganda is the key to understanding what propaganda is; Qualter’s definition is compelling because he specifically identified the reason why propagandists want to shape public opinions and he points out the means of how do propagandists form, control and alter public attitudes. Propagandists try to make the public think and feel in certain ways because the mood of the public …show more content…

Again, to maintain the high profit the United Fruit got, Bernays framed the transition as a conspiracy that the Communists had to get into Guatemala leaders’ head and United Fruit is just a victim in the process. Bernays strived to get coverage from major newspapers such as the New York Times to talk straight about United Fruit’s dilemma by telling stories. At the same time, Bernays urged publishers to mail the stories to their colleagues so the company can get more sympathetic stories going and both the public and politicians would notice. Bernays also had a list of special writers and they receive inner information so they can constantly write about the United Fruit being a victim while the Communists taking charge of things. Bernays took reporters to Guatemala too to let them see what Bernays wanted them to see and report on. The constant strive of painting the Guatemalan government as the perpetrator and the United Food as a victim aroused American’s fear and suspicion of what intentions the Communists have, and the fear justified the American invasion of Guatemala in

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