Property Preservation Proposal

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Entrepreneurship Project proposal: “Property preservation” Section AB (MBA 3rd) Submitted to: Sir Shabeer Haider Submitted by: Marium Liaqat 10012720-006 Gull Afshan 10012720-004 Shumaila bano 10012720-029 Anum Khalid 09041020-018 Amir Shehzad 10012720-022 New business plan Introduction: We are student of entrepreneurship and we are going to start a new business project given by our respected…show more content…
Property preservation is very essential because of high value of property. And our company will provide not only all these services to the banking sector and other customers but also it will provide employment opportunities to the engineers, accountant, builders, painters and carpenters etc Property preservation: We will provide services to preserve property and to make damaged properties in a better condition. We will provide maintenance, repair and rehabilitation services. Length of opportunity: Our business will be long lasting because of nature of services provided. Now a day such type of services is required. Maintenance of property is required day by day and it is hard to find labour for desired work. So we are providing all the services at one place and also our business will grow rapidly because of demand. Risk and returns of opportunity: Risks: Following risk are involved People we can trust: Without good people behind success a business will never grow. In the property preservation industry there is a lot of risk involved. We must find people we can trust because we cannot be over their shoulder every day or at every job. We will have to go through many people to find good ones that can do this type of work. Rural areas: Coverage area is another risk factor for our business. If business is conducted in big cities then it is easy to manage coverage area and work volume. But as we know our country
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