Proposal For Improving The Quality Of Our Drinking Water

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Georgiana Grecea
ENC 1102
Professor: Steven Karl
April 21st, 2015

A Proposal to Improve the Quality of Our Drinking Water
There are only few things that tie us directly to the natural environment; one such thing is the water that we drink daily. Water is one of the most valuable natural resources and we cannot live without it. Kofi Atta Annan, a Ghanaian diplomat, who served as the seventh Secretary General for the United Nations (1997 – 2006) said:
Access to safe water is a fundamental human need and, therefore, a basic human right. Contaminated water jeopardizes both the physical and social health of all people. It is an affront to human dignity. (United Nations)
I personally never thought much of the importance of water in our daily life, until three years ago when my mother was diagnosed with last stage of colon cancer. My father, a nature lover all his life, throughout every trip made to Romania, would literally drag me out of the house in the early morning hours and have me go with him in a nearby forest to get spring water. He believed that this infinite spring water source was the cure for my mother disease. Today, not knowing the quality of the water I’m drinking, suddenly frightens me. Therefore, I began to question the quality of our drinking water and how does it impacts our health, when not contaminants free.
Water is our most important food and it cannot be replaced. This statement is not a figure of speech, but a statement which has been raised up by many

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