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Proposal Paper Like the previous paper I enjoyed writing this one as well. I have been skiing for 14years, so this is something I'm interested in. In the process of writing this paper I heard conflicting views from pro and con helmet sides. My dad was upset by the fact that I wrote about why you shouldn't wear ski helmets, because he wears one when he skis. Personal preference backed up by convincing evidence I found in multiple places helped me prove my position against ski helmets at high speeds. I have been skiing since I was four years old. When I started skiing in 1989 very few people were using helmets. Who know whether or not any lives could have been saved with the use of helmets on the slopes? Since 1989 ski helmets…show more content…
Secondly, is it worth paying the money for a false sense of security that could lead to and higher rate of injury? And lastly, if helmets are so purposeless, who can benefit from them? Helmets have been used in many different applications before they were ever considered for winter sports. One would relish in the fact that a helmet is a helmet and it will protect you. The smart consumer would not be ignorant enough to believe such a crock unless they had good data to back up such a large claim. The first place to look for this type of data would be in a credible source not unlike Consumer Reports. Consumer Reports is famous for unbiased, solid information on all kinds of different products. The results that they found are quite surprising. To test the effects of direct impact they chilled the helmets between 0 and 9 degrees Fahrenheit, and dropped them from various heights onto the edge of a steel anvil. From the information in this article I was under the impression that in the event of a collision a helmet may actually damage the skier instead of protecting them. “The Shell of the Boeri Rage (high-gloss version) broke, and pieces separated from the helmet. That not only made the strap fastener useless, but that also meant that shards of the shell could cut the wearer’s face during a tumble” (Consumer Reports). As a result of this test the Boeri helmet was rated unacceptable. Jeff Ravreby, VP of Boeri Sports USA disbanded this claim stating,
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