Proposals on Social Classes

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As long as it has been in existence, society has always been fractured into social classes, the very rich and the very poor. I see within our society the chasm growing by the year. The proletariat, boxed into cramped houses, while the bourgeoisie reside in mansions that jut up towards the sky touching the clouds. The rich, who control mostly everything in todays age, capitalize on those less fortunate than themselves and bask in the ignorance of the lower class. It is painful for myself to see the common worker, the average person, being taken advantage of and not even knowing his rights against such things. A system should be implemented against such actions. A perfect system in which the less fortunate would have the equal…show more content…
I have heard the angry cries of the worker who is not paid enough or given enough hours off. On the other end of the spectrum I have heard the workers cry out because of too many hours, the exhaustion that comes along with it. I have heard the cries of many and their synonymous yells for change. I feel my way of change is the best for everyone and in time every one will come to appreciate and love it. So I propose we follow a great man finest idea, one that has mutated and but held firm from its conception. We continue to transform ourselves as have done for many years now, into a Marxist nation, this also is found under the banner of socialism. A proven state of self-government that all has a hand in. Without any upper tier or lower. The government of capitalism is unneeded with the horrid way of raising people up and then crushing their dreams within its confines. Capitalism is a constricting government with so many flaws in it, it has to be modified regularly. In the Marxist theory you are rewarded for you contribution and for you talent. Instead of wage labor, one is rewarded with food and clothing. Thus ridding the nation of its need for money, you get as much as you give and that shall do the country good. Laziness will be at an all time low, no welfare to catch those that refuse to work. You must work for your food, warmth,
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