Pros And Cons Of A Ballistic Missile Submarine

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Every Ballistic Missile Submarine has two crews. When one is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the boat, the other works in an office building. One crew is responsible for the maintenance and operations of the ship, known as the On-Crew. The Off-crew is in a phase known as a Pre-deployment period, away from the ship. During this period the off-crew is training and planning maintenance.
I relieved as the Engineer Officer during the Pre-deployment training period. The Engineer Officer is the third highest ranking officer on a submarine. His purview is the safe operation of the nuclear reactor and the training of the personnel who operate the reactor. I received a great amount of experience on my previous ship, so I thought
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Should we fall short of the standard, our nuclear operators must be truthful. As highlighted in the Charleston nuclear training unit cheating scandal a few years ago, the public is interested in knowing that the Sailors who safeguard their nuclear reactors can be trusted. It is abundantly clear that honesty is required to ensure that concessions aren’t made one’s personal honor by cheating or falsifying records. However, it is equally important that the veracity of a sailor’s words can be relied on when they make mistakes. That truth is the very foundation upon which the Naval Nuclear Power Program is built. I couldn’t be everywhere at once on the ship. I had to trust that my sailors would do the right thing, and tell me the truth when mistakes were made. These ideas allow us to protect the reputation and autonomous nature of the program. The public trusts the program because they trust…show more content…
We were responsible for the lives of the people who worked with us and for us. At face value, this is the least abstract of the responsibilities discussed. This is true when considering the responsibility to train, equip, and lead them. The men and women who sacrifice by joining the Naval Nuclear Power Program are willing to work beyond human measure. This is assuming they’ve been trained to do the job, have the equipment to do so, and have a plan to execute the work required of them. Meeting expectation regarding these needs is simple. The more intangible elements of being responsible for the lives of our sailors is where the true challenge
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