Pros And Cons Of A Lawyer

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There are just so many things people don’t really know about lawyers, one of the most common facts that people know is that they are the ones that could help you out when it comes to legal matters. People also know that it takes such a wise mind, commitment and dedication, to become one. Unfortunately, there are some people who simply believe in basically whatever they hear so they make unfair judgement towards lawyers. Here are some of the most common questions people think about when it comes to lawyers. “The only secret that the lawyer really possesses about the law is that no one can ever be certain of what the law is. The lawyer is accustomed to the ways of bending and and changing the rules to suit his or his client’s purpose, to dance in the shadows of the law’s ambiguities. Rules hold no particular terror for the lawyer, just as the sight of blood holds no terror for the surgeon. Because he operates as system of rules, the lawyer becomes indifferent to the humanity of the body that is lying on the operating table.” Jethro Lieberman TRUE OR FALSE: Are Lawyers Liars? This has got to be the most common question that people has when it comes to lawyers. A lawyers job is to guide and give advice to people who need it when it comes to legal …show more content…

Practicing law can definitely be rewarding since most lawyers earn a lot, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average median pay for lawyers in the last 5 years was $112,760, but this would of course depend on the field of law in which they practice and of course depend on where they live as well. However, public service lawyers of course make less, probably half of the private ones. It would also depend on the competition for the best corporate law jobs since people, most especially companies would of course hire lawyers who came from the top law schools with impressive GPA and has won multiple

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