Pros And Cons Of A Winner Take-All System

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Today’s economy centers itself around the political parties today that are created with the intent of efficiently demonstrating the many shared opinions of thousands of individuals across the United States. Among them all, the two parties that attract the most attention are Democrats and Republicans who are often seen constantly creating tension among each other and campaigning/competing for political control in our country. But there are other parties such as third or minor parties whom are denied chances to express their views. These parties are considered minors in the increasingly competitive environment of the United States. From a public standpoint, minor/ third parties are considered less attractive because they are formed with the intent …show more content…

The winner take all system states that the candidate who gets the most votes (or a majority) more than any other candidate wins all of a state’s votes. Despite the system having its own advantages, it still leaves some difficult decisions that candidates have to face such as allocating what resources to use or focusing on not only competitive states, but swing states and large states where candidates will spend most of their time or their money and attempt to attract the media. This winner take-all system takes an enormous toll on third party candidates. While third parties can attract popular votes, it is extremely difficult for them to attract any electoral votes because they have a very slight to no chance of winning a state. Because they can’t win many electoral votes, it takes a large toll on their ability to raise funds and gain other campaign resources. While the Electoral College has been beneficial in many ways, there are some citizens who believe that it should be abolished. That actually is not such a good idea and there are many reasons why. One is that it would require an additional constitutional amendment and it would take the majority of the states to pass it. As most to all of the states favor a two-party system, the chances of abolishing the Electoral College are slim to none. Another reason would be that competitive states appreciate the Electoral College. While states such as California and Texas already have their minds set, states such as Ohio and Iowa favor the system because in the past and present, their vote has gone on to help elect a candidate into

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