Pros And Cons Of Absolutism

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Absolutism is where the ruler of a country has all of the power and does not share it with anyone, but there are many different themes to absolutism, like the belief in the divine rights as a ruler, dynasties, and keep a balance of power in Europe. Having divine right as a ruler in the age of absolutism was a very popular idea because of how much religion influenced that time period, and if the subjects question the ruler, then they are questioning God, so it makes it extremely tricky change the rights of a ruler. Dynasties happened in almost all countries and it mainly stayed that way for centuries with names like the Hapsburgs, Bourbons, Hohenzollerns, Romanovs, and the Tudors. With dynasties, divine right played into them because there was the belief that if God did not want them to stay in power, then he would make that happen and because it did not, the families would stay in power for centuries and it is shown with dynasties like the Hapsburgs and Bourbons. The theme of balance of power is where no…show more content…
An advantage to absolutism is that there are no dividing conflicts like there are today about who is the leader, it keeps it clean and makes less dispute against the people. Absolutism is also efficient in that it gets things done quicker because there is no consultation need, whether or not it is a good idea is a whole other thing. What out ways the pros are the fact that there is no voice of the people, the subjects cannot do a thing about anything being done thus having the possibility of making their lives worse. The people also have no rights with this kind of government, if the king wants to throw them in jail, he will throw them in jail and will not have to give any reason why. Lastly, if the country ends up with a bad ruler, not much can be done about it and it will not only bring the subjects down, but the country itself will go down
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