Pros And Cons Of Amazon Success

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There has been many debates on which Amazon’s success is either good or bad for the greater good. “Amazon's success has come in part from spreading out its bets and investing in so many different emerging markets and technologies. Growth investors would be wise to think the same way if they're not already doing so” (Bowman). Many who aren’t on the opposing side and believe Amazon’s success is for the greater good think retailers and investors are childishly complaining about the situation and aren’t taking vital decisions for their businesses future. However the issue isn’t that investors aren’t making wise decisions, it's the fact that they can’t with so competition to keep up. Amazon is literally taking away any possible opportunities to do so. “Retailers that balance physical and online presence are here to stay. Altogether, retailers providing frictionless shopping experience, online or in-stores, with seamless payment solutions are likely to stay in the market. On the other hand, retailers that have been slow to invest and still relying on traditional marketing methods are bound to suffer” (NASDAQ). Ever since their skyrocketing success, Amazon buys whatever they see in fact, they have bought more than one hundred companies within their decade of only rises. Investors are left only so many choices that they won’t benefit from. This goes the same for retailers who are suffering severely like Sears,who is in major debt; their companies cannot invest in many items because

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