Pros And Cons Of America's Gifts To Our Generation

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America’s Gift to our Generation Our gift, is, nothing good really. I mean, with Trump as the United States President, how good can America be??? Anyways, back to the “gifts” part. I’d say that our unnaturally strong army is probably one of the best gifts of our generation ever!!!! To make more of an essay, I’ll list some pros and cons for this topic. So, like I said, our unnaturally strong army is one of our best pros, but some other ones are the fact that we are a free country to praise and worship anything, and yes, I’m sure somewhere in the Americas, someone or some people worship a balloon, or something random like that. Confuzzling. But who cares!?!?! It’s a free country!!! Still, you need to nothing of me. For you, I am Mr. Anonymous.

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