Pros And Cons Of Animal Rights : Animal Bill Of Rights

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Animal Bill of Rights is a bill that is created based on the U.S Bill of Rights in order to protect the animals from getting harmed and used in experiments in an abusive way. I stand with Rifkin, Braithwaite, and Yong on how animals need a “Bill of Rights” due to the fact that we humans, specifically the scientists, have been treating animals in an inhumane way and considering them as an object to help achieve many goals. I wouldn’t think that such law would go against centuries of human culture because we have become more and more savage to other animals, and we would need to have some restrictions to prevent us from hurting them more. First of all, the article “Animal Bill of Rights” states how animal issues are still a major, critical problem in our society. Animals in our society are still considered as “property” just like a chair or a table instead of being accepted as a living creature (“Animal Bill of Rights”). At the moment, there are a large number of loopholes and insufficient problems with animal protection law. With this detail, animals are still treated unfairly despite the rules and regulations that are made of from the government. Signing the animal bill of rights would make a huge impact on the animals since the second reason in the bill promise that animals will be promulgate standards to govern the humane handling, care, treatment, and transportation of animals and practices in experimental procedures to ensure that animal pain and distress are minimized
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