Animal Bill Of Rights

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Animal Rights For many years there has been an ongoing debate on whether or not animals should be given rights, even there own bill of rights. Some who are against the animal bill of rights argue that testing products on animals is important to the safety of humans. Others who want the new bill of rights claim that animals have feelings and that science is treating them inhumanely. Animal activists also add that animals are intelligent beings and are aware of how they are treated. Based on science proving animal activists correct on many of their points, this calls for a new bill of rights, in the United States, especially written for the protection and care of wild and domestic animals. Many species of wildlife continue to be mistreated and neglected even when they show many signs of being intelligent creatures. In the article, “A Change in Heart About Animals” author, Jeremy Rifkin discusses many instances where animals prove smarter than people give them credit for. One of many discoveries evaluated by Rifkin where crows, that were able to manipulate a wire in order to retrieve food. The crow was able to adapt to the situation using its critical thinking skills, similar to humans. Since these crows showed immense skill and have characteristics similar to people they should, like people, be protected and not experimented on. Another humanlike quality shown in an animal, explained by Rifkin, is the ability to communicate with human beings. Koko the gorilla was taught

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