Pros And Cons Of Auto Body Works

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Getting auto body work done on your vehicle can be really expensive; here are three tricks to employ that will help you save a little money while you get the body of your vehicle fixed.
#1 Screen Auto Body Shops
Instead of calling a bunch of shops, describing what is wrong with your vehicle and waiting to get detailed quotes, screen multiple auto body shops by asking a few different questions. The first question you should ask is how much they charge per-hour for auto body work and for paint work. Auto body and paint work are often charged at different rates, so this will let you get a better idea of what the labor hours will cost you. This will help you easily determine if a shops labor hours are inside or outside of your budget.
Next, ask what the typical turn around time is right now. If the shop can’t tell you that, ask how many vehicles they have waiting for repair and how long it would take them to get to your vehicle if you brought it in today. Auto body work often requires time to let things dry and settle, and can take a while to complete. You don’t want to add onto the time you will not have your vehicle by taking it somewhere that can’t even get to your vehicle for a couple of weeks. Your time is valuable as well.
Finally, if you don’t have a back-up vehicle, find out if they have free or discount …show more content…

This can add additional days onto your repair time, as they will have to sand down the area, apply primer, paint and a clear coat. Each step requires dry-time. To cut costs down, you can always see if they are willing to do the auto repair job and leave the area unpainted. Not all shops will agree to this. If they agree to this, you are going to need to purchase the supplies to repaint the area yourself, as bare exposed metal can easily become rusted. This option can save you some money if you are worried about exceeding your budget, but will cost you your

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