Pros And Cons Of Brain Boosters

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Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you could easily make yourself more intelligent just by taking one simple pill? This has now become a reality with a recent discovery called Brain Boosters. Brain Boosters have the possibility of positively impacting the world, despite some ethical concerns. In this essay I will be discussing both benefits and downsides of Brain Boosters and argue how society will be better off with them than without. For nearly a decade, a team of scientists and I have been working to discover a way to easily enhance memory, creativity, and cognitive functions of the brain. After extensive research and numerous experiments in the lab, the world’s first brain enhancer pill, called the Brain Booster, has…show more content…
One of these ethical questions include whether or not it is right to artificially enhance your brain. If the brain is altered to this extent, is the person still essentially who they are? Also, if everyone has the same brain is there still individuality? Intelligence has a lot to do with what makes a person unique. People may all become the same because they all would think the same. Its hard to tell whether there will be more competition among people or less. There would be no need to compete since everyone has the same opportunities of making it to the top, though, on another note, competition may increase because people have a stronger urge to be the best. Another ethical question concerns poorer individuals and poorer countries. Will those who cannot afford Brain Boosters fall behind in society? Some may claim that it is unfair for something like this to exist because not all will be able to enjoy its benefits. It would be hard for weaker nations to rise up in society if many countries around them rely on artificial intelligence to become stronger. This issue could become solved if there is enough funding to make Brain Boosters cheap for everyone. With such a powerful discovery, there is a great responsibility for how it should be handled in society. First of all, many tests were done in order to make sure Brain Boosters are safe. Both short term and long term side effects
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