Why Do You Believe Inhibit Your Learning Process?

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1. Consider all the thinking traps people tend to use. Which ones do you encounter most in your own thinking? Which do you believe inhibit your learning process? One thinking trap I deal with, and try to be mindful of, is that I tend to be too quick in deciding. I look at the facts that are available and make a quick decision in order to move on to the next task. A trap that inhibits my learning process is being a victim of personal habits and prejudices. I have my mind set very firm of a lot of things, this affects me when trying to learn new things (as well as try new things). 2. Compare and contrast command, consultative and consensual decisions. Which do you prefer? A command decision is when managers make on their own, with little or no input from others. In a consultative decision managers use input and opinions from others but make the final decision. Lastly, a consensus decision is made democratically by a group, it is a joint decision. I prefer the conceptive decision making process. The front line has very valuable insight into the day to day activities and that is key when making a reasonable decision. At the same time, the front line usually lacks the bigger picture and the full disclosure of the situation. 3. Do you support the findings of whole brain research? If not, what problems do you see? I agree good decision making include using the logical left side and the emotional right side of the brain. For example, the best reasonable business decision might be
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