Pros And Cons Of Capital Punishment

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Capital punishment or death penalty was first introduced in 1700 B.C from Ancient Babylonia known as Iraq today. The Code of Hammurabi that was introduced showed about twenty-five punishable crimes that lead the criminal to having a death sentence (Historical Timeline, 2013). Capital punishment is a government-sanctioned practice whereby a person is put to death by the state as punished for crime. Many crimes include murder, treason, war crimes, genocide and countless numbers of other criminal acts that would lead to such a punishment. Recent research has shown that until this day, about 58 countries still have death penalty laws (Smith, 2016). Is capital punishment moral or immoral? Are there any circumstances under which a murder deserves a death penalty? Do you think capital punishment should be abolished or not? Everyone is getting away with every thing they’re doing even if it was causing damage to our societies. Capital punishment is a must have solution for justice, especially for whatever has been happening nowadays.

Killing in general, is something that is immoral, unethical and simply is a wrong act to perform when someone just feels like committing a crime; in the sense of justice this is different. Death penalty is found to provide justice for people and not to kill innocent ones. Morality wise, the capital punishment isn’t just a lottery for the government, people aren’t just chosen out of the box randomly into being executed, they’re being chosen for the

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