Pros And Cons Of Censorship

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Censorship can be beneficial in some aspects but if used improperly it can also be harmful. Censorship is the control of what people may say or hear, write or read, or see or do. Censorship can affect all forms of art, music, speech, and expression. It can be seen as a means of suppressing free speech, especially in the case of musical lyrics and the impact music has on behaviors. According to Richard Taruskin, “It is all but irresistible kinesthetic response that music evokes that makes it such a potent influence on behavior, thence on morals and beliefs.” Therefore he justifies the need to censor music in order to prevent or reduce the negative behaviors associated with the influence of music lyrics. However, censorship diminishes an…show more content…
Taruskin also states "art can inflict harm" whereas this statement can be ultimately true in regards to specific types of music, poetry, speech, and even drawing or painting. The messages conveyed and perceived often may be completely opposite of each other. Further, the message can strike a sensitive truth within a person or group. Rap music often uses a harsh truth and personal reality that when spoken offends others. Young people and adults alike may find the inclination to mimic lyrics through behavior resulting in crime or violence towards others. Social use of music can be used as positive and negative. If music can influence society in a positive way, then it will influence negatively as well. Censorship encourages normalcy among groups in regards to behaviors correlates with the kinesthetic response music subconsciously creates in the human body. Freedom of expression for one’s self-requires freedom of expression for others; it is what fosters ownership of one’s personal identity, beliefs, and creativity. Censoring robs the artists’ ownership, message, and influences artists to violate their values. A social “norm” of morals developed and monitored by the government is an unrealistic ideal; everyone has a voice and a right to use it. After
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