Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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Gun control is a policy that the government limits the keeping and using of guns by citizens. According to Firearms and Federal Law: The Gun Control Act Of 1968, the Gun Control Act is designed to "provide support to Federal, State, and local law enforcement officials in their fight against crime and violence." (Journal of Legal Studies).
Firearm is an epochal invention. But unfortunately, no matter in the past or now, guns and firearms are often misused. Therefore, gun control policy exists. In fact, the gun control policy leads both pros and cons. Policy of gun control is always a hot topic argued by gun control advocates and gun rights organizations. In this assignment, we will discuss about the pros and the cons that may causes by the gun control policy.
Gun Control: Pros
Since guns and firearms are invented, a lot of researches shown that the crime rate and death rate are gradually increasing by time (Just Facts). There are numerous factors caused these to be happened, such as mental illnesses, interpersonal vendettas, impetuousness of youths, and so on(Gun Control Debate Clouds Definition of Mentally Ill). Therefore, The Gun Control Act Of 1968 is then arises, to control the ownerships of the guns and firearms. Though the policy of gun control is strongly opposed by gun right organizations, gun control actually brings a lot of advantages to peoples.
1. Disarm and Control Citizens:
People are easier to control when they are disarmed, gun control is not about the gun,

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