Pros And Cons Of Guns In Schools

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Is There Support to Arm Teachers in Schools?

Introduction Discussing a license to carry in an educational setting cause you to thoroughly look at a the situation from both stand points. Initially one may think absolutely not but, then some may argue that it is a moral idea. In our society guns are very popular, due to gun violence, illegal sales, and proper sales of guns in communities. When adding guns to the school environment, this cause even more stress upon faculty, staff, students, and especially parents. As a parent, I would be highly concerned about my child being in an environment where guns where freely carried by teachers. However, some parents may feel safe based off the recent school shooting, and considering the type of …show more content…

Teachers who decide to fire their gun, rather right are wrong, will be held liable along with the school. Ultimately, it will fall back on the school since it is allowed for teachers to bear arms. The job of giving students the best education possible is enough, adding shooting to the picture is extra stress teachers should not have to deal with. When deciding to purchase, a gun it consist more than just that purchase along. Permit to carry, riffle, bullets, and even service should be considered when buying a gun. These expenses for several teachers will add up and takes away funding that could directly be used for the students. Lastly, I like to say teachers are the best actors. Teachers show up to work daily and hide problems they may be dealing with at home so they can server there students better. It must be understood when it is needed to pull a gun out and when it is not. The last thing a school district needs is for a teacher to take their own life or the life of another due to emotional reasons or reasons that do not require a riffle.
Districts Policy I currently work for Jacksonville North Pulaski School District where we follow a gun free policy. If a student was to bring a gun to school, the gun would be confiscated and then lead to explosion for the student. If a member of faculty or staff were to bring a gun to school, it would also be confiscated, given to law enforcement and the teacher would

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