Pros And Cons Of Hybrid Cars

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The pros and cons of Hybrid/Alternative Fueled Vehicles:
There are many factors to consider when purchasing a Hybrid or Alternative Fueled Vehicle. Most times when searching for a vehicle, consumers tend to search for amenities to help cut cost. When considering alternative fueled vehicles, consumers have to keep in mind that there are several types of hybrid vehicles with different operating abilities to choose from to satisfy the needs of the consumers. With hybrids, there are three types which are hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and all electric vehicles. Since they all operate differently, it is important to be informed to ensure the consumer is happy and satisfied with their investment.

Hybrid Electric
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This is often referred to as the “all electric range” of the car. Most of the driving with the plug-in hybrid comes from the stored electricity. If a consumer would like to use this vehicle to do light commuting, they can plug the vehicle in at night and the next day; this vehicle will be able to be driven in all electric modes. The batteries to the plug-in electric vehicles can be charged using an outside electric power source, the internal combustion engine or by the regenerative braking. When braking, the electrical motor behaves as the generator which uses the energy to charge the battery. There are two configurations used to combine power from the electric motor and the engine which are parallel and series. Parallel connects the engine and the electric motor to the wheels through mechanical coupling. The electric motor and engine drives the wheels directly. With series, plug-in hybrids only use the electric motor to drive the wheels.

All Electric Vehicles use battery packs to store the electrical energy that provides power to the motor. These types of vehicles are charged by plugging the vehicle to an electrical power source. Since this car does not produce direct exhaust or emissions, it’s been said to be a zero-emissions vehicle. The use of fuel is not needed with this vehicle so this helps reduce petroleum consumption. This type of vehicle has a short range per charge than conventional vehicles

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