Pros And Cons Of Immigrant Children

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In the United States, children are under the parents control until the age of 18. These children have to do everything the parents tells them to and do not get a choice in the matter. This is true for immigrant children. These immigrant children did not get to tell their parents if they wanted to go to the U.S. or not, and even if they did the parents have the control. The U.S. should not punish the immigrant child for coming into the country because it was not their choice, it is not right to send them to a country they do not know as home, and everyone deserves an opportunity to become a U.S. citizen. Any right minded person would know that society cannot punish children on the decisions of their parents. The police does not arrest the children of a shoplifter for breaking the law, nor does the police arrest the children of a murder for the murder. So why does our country want to deport the children whose parents broke the law coming into this country? Cory Gardner’s favorable opinion on the subject came from Opposing Viewpoints stating, “Their parents made a decision to enter this country illegally and our broken immigration system did not prevent it. It is not their fault, nor was it their decision not to follow the law.” Not only did Cory state that it is not the immigrant children’s fault, but he also brought up that it is the U.S’s fault for allowing the parents to come into the country illegally. How is it okay that the U.S. punishes the immigrant children for their

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