Pros And Cons Of Killing Montresor

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Montresor can use a variety of different ways to take revenge instead of killing Fortunato. I’m of the opinion that Fortunado must have ruined Montresor’s reputation or hurt his feelings so he decided to kill him in order to protect his pride. In this situation, it is not necessary for Montresor to kill Fortunado. He can use his intelligence, cleverness and ingenuity to ironize and satirize Fortunato. Furtheremore, he can find some methods enabling Furtunato to reveal the genuity connoisseur of wine in public. If the truth is brought into light, Furtunato will definitely feel embarrassed and humiliated. Because many men do not like getting their pride hurt and he is mentioned : “ You are rich, respected, admired, beloved” (16) but just a deceiver
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