Pros And Cons Of Lowering The Drinking Age

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Skid. Squeal. Crash. Flashes of silver against a dark black sky. Blinding lights. Screeching metal. Burning rubber. Sirens and radio chatter. Then silence. Low whispering. Monotonous beeping. Fluorescent lights. Your life will never be the same. Why? Because of someone's party. Someone’s wasted night. Someone else’s bad judgment. Want to prevent this horrifying scene? Don’t lower the drinking age. The drinking age should not be lowered for many reasons. A few arguments against a lower drinking age are health, devastating car crashes, and the ripple impact on society. When teenagers drink, it’s mostly binge drinking, which is a lot of alcohol in a little amount of time. Binge drinking is terrible for teenagers’ health. It can cause cancer, brain damage, weak immune system, and vitamin deficiencies. The younger you drink; the more likely it is that you will become addicted. If we lower the drinking age, younger people will have more access to the very stuff which could kill them. Their judgment isn’t as good as twenty-one year olds. They shouldn’t be trusted with alcohol. Another common lapse in judgment is driving drunk. There are enough drunk drivers on the road today; don’t endanger more people. CNN states that “500 lives a year are saved because of the legal drinking age in the United States going from 18 to 21.” That’s 500 fewer brothers, sisters, or parents dying every year because of someone's’ bad night. Another article says, “When the drinking age was

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