Pros And Cons Of Nurses Working Long Shifts

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12 Hour Shifts – Pros and Cons R/T Patient and Nurse Viewpoint
Ryan Eads
Highland Community College
Nurse 292A CDIII
December 4th, 2013

Summary This paper explores the pros and cons of nurses working long shifts in regards to the nurses and patients alike. Some of the positives for the nurses include: having more days off per week, a more flexible schedule, and fewer commutes to work. In regards to the patient, there are fewer patient handoffs, which is thought to allow for better continuity of care. Some of the negative aspects of nurses working long shifts include: feeling burnt out, intending to leave their job, increased chance of making errors, impaired driving ability, health-related issues, and potential breakdowns. In regards to the negative aspects for patients, patient satisfaction suffers as the length of the shift the nurse is working increases. Furthermore, patients of nurses working long shifts also give the hospital a poorer rating overall, stating that they generally would not recommend it to family and friends. While there is no clear solution to this dilemma, it is certainly an issue that should be addressed by nurse leaders as the safety of nurses and patients is of paramount importance.

Introduction One of the most common professions where staff are often required to work long hours and deal with stressful demands related to their occupation is in the field of nursing. Many hospitals and agencies require their

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