Overworking Nurses Results On Negative Patient Outcomes

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Overworking Nurses Results In Negative Patient Outcomes A major issue in the medical career field is the demand for nurses and this, of course, means that these nurses will be working strenuous hours to meet the high demands. While this may satisfy some issues it also creates others. Longer hours results in exhausted nurses and this leads to negative patient outcomes. Nurses have many tasks to complete while they are on the job. While these tasks may be simple they can also be harmful if done wrong. For example, nurses have to distribute medication to patients. If the nurse is overworked and tired he/she may distribute the wrong medication or mishap and give them the wrong dosage. Something so small can make a world of difference when it comes to the patient especially, if the patient is suffering from fatal conditions. Another job that nurses partake is transcription, meaning they have to “transcribe” what the doctor or physician says. This is extremely important because if the nurse is not paying full attention they could miss a crucial part of what is said. This, obviously, could lead to misdiagnosis or the wrong medication being prescribed. One of the smaller tasks completed by nurses in charting. This could result in the same way as the transcribing errors; the patient could be misdiagnosed or not treated to their proper illness. “...Nurses working more than 12.5 consecutive hours were three times more likely to make an error than nurses working shorter hours …..”
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