Left's Prison-Complex Essay

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The U.S. prison system is one of many great controversies when compared to other correctional systems. America’s prison population has increased by 700% (2.4 million current inmates) since the start of the war on drugs in 1971. As a result of this “war”, people that fall into the racial minority have suffered as a direct consequence of unjust legislation. Our prison system is known for its overrepresentation of minorities such as Blacks and Hispanics. This unfortunately gives these groups of people a perennial negative stigma as a result. I argue that the U.S. prison industrial-complex emphatically displays signs of prejudice and racism and disproportionately incarcerates people of color at a rate higher than whites. Yes, there are skeptics who think “the left’s prison-complex” is wrong about their theory of mass incarceration but the statistical data and concrete facts in support of my argument are very compelling.
The U.S. holds five percent of the world’s population, but carries twenty five percent of the world’s prison population. This staggering statistic should be a rude awakening to the way we punish and imprison our degenerative citizens. It seems like the common consequence for these individuals is to lock them in a room and throw away the key. The decent majority of people that make up this population are African Americans and Hispanics. The real question is why do we have such a racially disproportionate amount of inmates? The U.S. has some of the strictest drug

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