Pros And Cons Of Race As A Social Construct

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the notion of race is a social construct is has real consequences and effects. The scientific examination of the human genome shows there are no genetic differences among races. Race is socially constructed and operates to benefit the dominant group in society. Race indicates a status, and based on that status, it includes or excludes individuals from broader social constructs and enables or disables certain powers. Since the U.S culture favors lighter skin within and across racial and ethnic groups, Caucasians get all the opportunities and are presented with various advantages. IN THE U.S, race is learned through socialization. children are socialized to abide by perceptions of race: White-having opportunities, Asian-being smart, Black- being resilient in fighting racism. for example, African American children learn from their parents, peers, teachers how to take pride in being black and warned about racial inequalities. The parents have to psychologically prepare their children for encountering racial injustice and becoming the subject of racial stereotypes in the future. The racist representation of minorities in media can affect their self-esteem, which is they need to receive positive messages from socialization agents.

Conflict theory argues that racial conflict is inevitable due to the completion and the lack of resources. According …show more content…

Those with more resources such as education and skills are positioned in society to perform better functions. Caucasians have desirable, high-paying jobs because they have better skills and knowledge. The minorities who are believed to have insufficient skills and knowledge settle for undesirable, low-paying jobs. In other words, racial stratification has a function because ethnic and racial minorities get unpleasant but important work

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