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The idea of race in society is truly that; an idea. However, one of the first things one notices about another human is their perceived race. Often, incorrect assumptions are made about a person, based on his race. In addition, many believe race can be determined by biological factors. However, there is no biological basis to race. Without a doubt, genes play a role in our skin, hair, and eye color; however, there are not certain genes present in an entire race and not another. Race is not clear cut; if one were to travel from either pole to the equator, a specific location could not be identified to separate any two races.

Socio-cultural definitions of race are created by society as a tool to further economic goals. The development of …show more content…

Yet, the English found Englishmen as the most intelligent. This contradiction shows how personal bias can influence scientific results. Many additional studies were done on cranium size to prove immigrants inferior to whites. In an earlier study down by Hooton on head circumference, professionals had the largest circumference and laborers had the lowest. However, the results were presented in an extremely biased matter. Hooton failed to report factory workers, transportation employees, and extractive trades having a larger head circumference than average. (Gould 110). This inaccurate representation of the results is unacceptable.

Physical characteristics alone do not determine race; consequently an individual’s race does not give insight to a person’s characteristics. Many environmental factors alongside biology influence a person’s personality. Moral values and actions are more important than skin color. Ozawa argued this point all the way up to the Supreme Court when he was denied citizenship based on his perceived race. Yet after presenting an extremely persuasive case to the Supreme Court, he was still denied American citizenship.
Today, this blatant racism is no longer legal. We have stopped measuring various body parts to prove whites as a superior race. As a country, we have a black president. However, until our society realizes the lack of basis to race, not all humans

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