Pros And Cons Of Rbi Baseball 16

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From the trademark score and sound effects to the simple and addictive gameplay, the RBI Baseball series was legendary on the Nintendo Entertainment System and even had some cool moments on the Super Nintendo and Genesis.
RBI Baseball 16 Review: Retro and Rad
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After a few years on the PlayStation 4, its reputation isn't quite as amazing, but the series continues to develop and round itself out, adding better-looking parks and a variety of new fielding animations.

In the end, though the story remains the same.

If you're looking for a casual and simple game of baseball to play with your friends, "RBI Baseball 16" is for you. If you want something with a little more pizazz and sizzle, then you're a Show person. In the end, the comparisons made between the two titles are unjust ones as they are two …show more content…

Without the bells and whistles of the competition, "RBI Baseball 16" is still a solid game of America's pastime that ultimately caters to more fans of the sport than "The Show."


Simple to Pick Up and Play: Much like the Nintendo and other retro games it gets its inspiration from, "RBI Baseball 16" can be played by just about anybody. With no complex button sequences or crazy HUD to master, anyone can just jump right in.

Beautiful Parks: While the visuals on the players have been purposely toned down and the game mechanics are simple, the parks in "RBI Baseball 16" are gorgeous. From the dynamic lighting and atmosphere, you always get the feeling you're playing in a different park.


Stripped Down Gameplay: While it's obvious what these guys are going for here and things like play-by-play aren't needed, it would have been nice to have authentic stances and pitching, or, at least, a few differences between players. At this point, it's hard sometimes to realize who's at the plate because many players look similar and their stances are all the same.


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