Pros And Cons Of The Two Party System

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Left Wing, Right Wing, Broken Wing Have you ever considered the American government is corrupt, even though they claim to uphold certain American values? The two-party system is just that: corrupt. Right now, the government offers two parties, and even though it has its benefits, it has a lot more weaknesses. Although the two-party system offers stability and accessibility for citizens, it is broken and needs to be drastically changed for the government to be actually of the people, by the people, for the people. The two-party system was born after the American revolution, when our representatives for each colony chose sides between federalists and antifederalists. This later became what we know today as the Democratic party and the…show more content…
The two-party system needs to be changed or completely abolished, because it offers limited ideas and opinions to run the country. The two parties have their own perspectives on issues such as gun control or abortion; Craig Goodman of the University of Houston claims he“doesn’t think it’s very democratic. Why should you exclude someone because they are a small number, and they don’t get to express themselves?” (Cargo 1). The two-party does not allow the middle ground or smaller parties to really have a say (Mathias 4). Most voters only know the leading independent and the two party nominees. Kate Cargo describes “the two-party system leaves voter with low-quality ideas and frankly, low-quality candidates” (Cargo 1) while the third party candidate could have a great compromise on a hot issue, it will never see the light of day. While the two-party system does allow people to have easy access to the opinions of the parties on these issues, it does not make up for the limited options we have. As a country we need to have as many options as possible even if they are extreme. Accessibility is important, but it should never limit our options. Along with giving us limited opinions and ideas, the two-party system often offers a repeat of candidates. Hillary Clinton has ran for the office of president
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