Pros And Cons Of Vaccines

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Worldwide, 1 in 10 infants do not receive any vaccinations; this equates to 12.9 million unprotected, vulnerable, new born babies. To put this into perspective the population of Illinois is approximately 12.8 million. The controversy of governments requiring vaccinations has led to misconceptions about vaccines and their potential risks. Although parents argue that it is their right to choose whether their child should receive vaccinations, they need to be a requirement for all children to ensure safety of the child and the public. Some parents decide not to vaccinate their child due to them believing that they are unsafe and that the side effects of vaccines are worse than the actual disease; however, vaccines are crucial to the safety and well-being of their child's life. Life-saving vaccines have been around for several years, and many major medical organizations deem them safe; vaccines not only protect individuals, but protect “herds;” and as a result of vaccinations many diseases have been nearly or fully eradicated. Some opponents may argue that vaccines can cause life-threatening allergic reactions; however, these reactions are extremely rare and vaccines save exponentially more children than they harm. Major medical organizations such as the Center for Disease Control and the American Medical Association approve of vaccinations. The CDC says that “vaccines are very safe,”(CDC) and the Patrice Harris, a chairperson for the AMA released a statement saying the AMA

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