Pros And Disadvantages Of Asylum

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I. Asylum is granted only in cases of political offences and not to common criminals.
II. Asylum is granted in accordance with the laws and usages of the state of refuge, and it is for the latter to appreciate whether the offence committed by the refugee is a political offence or a common crime.
III. The territorial state may request the departure of the refugee from its territory and the state of refuge may then require the former state to deliver a safe conduct enabling the refugee to leave the country safely.
IV. The state which granted asylum sometimes, with the same end in view, requests that a safe-conduct be issued to refugee.

3. Caracas Convention (1954): The decision of the International Court Haya de la Torre led to some dissatisfaction among Latin-American countries. As such a conference was convened at Caracas in 1954, which drew up an Inter-American Convention on Diplomatic asylum. The Convention established the controlling rights of the asylum granting state to categorize the nature of offences for which the fugitive’s arrest is sought, and to decide upon the urgency of the circumstances …show more content…

Asylum on Humanitarian grounds: Asylum in a foreign embassy or legation is a subject which affords a good illustration of the change and development of the rules of international law. In modern times, it is asserted, the right to asylum, if it were generally recognized, would tend to constitute an abuse. It would interfere with good government. The practice of asylum is ‘even looked on with a tolerant eye’ and the personnel of a foreign legation are not very glad to use this right. To the diplomatic agent concerned the practice is nothing but a burden. But the practice is defended on humanitarian grounds. Motives of humanity exclude a rigid refusal to receive a man who may be in peril of his life, but the general rule now is to limit the reception of such political refugees to cases where the person received is in instant or imminent personal

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