Democratic Countries Should Have an Obligation to Accept Refugees. Do You Agree?

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Topic: Democratic countries should have an obligation to accept refugees. Do you agree? In recent decades, many people have sought refugee status and this has caused a lot of discussion on the issue. Many argue that refugees should not be given priority in gaining entry to democratic countries, while others believe they should. The purpose of this essay is to point out that democratic countries should have an obligation to accept refugees. To support this position, the following areas will be examined: firstly, the reason why those countries are called democratic countries. Secondly, refugees are under the difficult situation. Thirdly, countries can take advantage of accepting refugees. A democratic country is defined as a form of…show more content…
Citizens often thought those people would bring terrorists, unemployment and infrastructure stress. However, refugees will be able to make out importance in affecting the potential social, cultural and economic contributionsupon their area of resettlement. Australia has a long history of accepting refugees for resettlement and over 700 000 refugees. As a consequence, Australia’s offshore humanitarian programme is heralded as one of the best in the world. Accepting more refugees and boat people into the country is one of the greatest contributions that can make to improving the world around us and enhancing our own living standards. In addition, by having more people in country there are more people to cooperate with, more people to trade with and more people to grow the market. They help supply the economy through participating in the labour market and bring with them diversity, new work approaches and funds. As our wealth and economy grows there is more money for the finer things in life. To sum up, there are a number of factors giving rise to the social problems faced by refugees today. Democratic countries should accept refugees on duty. On the political front, it is an obligation to preserve human rights for refugees. In the social aspect, refugee is a serious problem that every country should concern with. Furthermore, refugees will promote the economic development in some extent. Government should accept people because it isan

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