Pros Of Driverless Cars

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One of the self-driving cars approached a crosswalk, it did what it was supposed to do when it slowed to allow a pedestrian to cross and the car used the brakes. The person who was crossing the street was fine, but the automatic car has been hit from behind by a human-driven car. Those kind of cars is programmed to follow the letter of the law. However, it is not easy to get a driverless car in the streets with a lot of people that don’t pay attention. In the United States, innovative and futuristic cars are constantly developing, with the necessary modifications, to a new industrialization. Evolutions of cars never stops, and this is more evident when we speak about new technologies, such as those that are applied to electric vehicles. All of that being said, autonomous cars can make a significant and positive difference in the way that society functions.... driverless car will be an important futuristic change for people because it will provide benefits for traffic reduction, it will provide benefits for both individual drivers and it will provide benefits to positively change how America society functions. Autonomous cars could give advantages such as the reduction of road accidents. Firstly, in 2013, the …show more content…

In conclusion, scientists had done extensive tests trying a new versions of a system that make cars even more secure, electronic engineer and professor state that programs have bugs, but it is impossible to solve them all before launching the products. Each company has provided several reasons for the failure of certain tests causes. In some cases, these vague explanations as "planner not ready" or "the" management evaluation technology. The future may be filled with this technology but for now it is still in developmental

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